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As part of our HR Strategy to be a great employer within building services design, pre-COVID we were already preparing our 2020 approach to launch SineFLEX, flexible working for all at Sine Consulting.  What has happened these past months has made the timing perfect.

SineFLEX went live this month.  It’s a progressive and forward-thinking flexible working scheme, which allows our staff to fit work around their lives rather than life around work.

Initially being trialled for a 6-month period to allow any adjustments to be made, as well as benefiting from many flexible approaches to work and life integration, our staff are no longer be confined to traditional starting and finishing times.

We hope and expect the scheme to be a great success in improving working conditions, removing daily stresses associated with traditional hours and making it easier for people to commute, to manage issues such as school runs or childcare, or attend personal appointments.

As we look to the future, we must adapt accordingly in order not only to survive but to thrive and remain focused on people and on our core values.